Due out June 17th: The Ein Particle

Cover of The Ein Particle: Ancient palace against backdrop of modern cityscape with big planet in the sky and a rockt soaring up

Out now: Isolated Futures Omnibus

Cover of Isolated Futures Omnibus, office towers pointing to a stary sky

Includes all six Isolated Futures:

Cover of Forced to be Free: blurred image with two people descending stairs
Book cover of Murder, Plain and Simple. Eyes, nose and mouth superimposed over industrial piping.
Book cover of Cima Peak. Surrealistic combination of tree tops and tower with antenna.
Book cover of Negative Reinforcement. Outline of rabbit against industrial corridor.
Book cover of Eddy, distorted face of girl.
Book cover of DingDong by Zhumee, reflection of scenery in unobtrusive lens mounted in door frame.

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